Ciao a tutti!

My name is Helene and I am a French native, globetrotter, living in Rome, Italy.

I lived in many places around the world and love discovering new places, new cultures and new people. I am trully passionate about travels and  people. Last year I decided to fulfill a personal project that I dreamt of for years which was to live in Italy to learn the language and embrace the culture of this beautiful country!!

I quit my job and left my apartment back in London and arrived in Italy last September with (amazingly enough) only 3 suitcases! Not to say that this was the biggest challenge for me to select amongst all my stuff accumulated during 5 years in London (knowing that I loooove to shop) to fit in only 3 suitcases.

That being done and my new flat found, I started to do what I was here for: taking Italian lessons and visiting the city.

At first I wasn’t planning on writing a blog, I am not a journalist and I don’t think that my life is somewhat exceptional enough to write about it. But as I got many  requests from my friends and family who were coming to visit me and Rome, it occured to me that I should share my experience and give few tips on what’s good to do (or not do) in Rome and how it’s like to live in Italy. I also decided to write this blog in English to ensure that it reaches a wider audience.

Rome is the capital city of Italy (that, I am sure everyone knows it, if not please do me a favor and review your primary school geography lessons) and its history spans more than two and a half thousand years and comprises some of the most beautiful and comprehensive heritage of the world. This has made it the 14th most popular city visited in 2015  with 7.4 million tourists. As such Rome’s economy is overly made up by tourism and it can get very challenging for someone who comes to visit or even live in Rome to avoid the tourist traps. Funnily enough I realised that spots praised by locals are also located nearby the touristic sites…. My blog is therefore here to guide and provide anyone coming to Rome with all the places – non touristic- that I liked , strongly recommend and where you will surely be able to experience the Italian way of life to its fullest!!

This blog is called “La Pausa Romana” which literally means “The Roman Break” that best describes what I am doing now. I think life is too short not to do what you really want to. If you believe in something that you know you will learn from and will make you grow stronger then you have to undertake it! That’s the reason why I decided to give myself a few months break from my intense life in London to achieve one of my deepest wish.

In this blog I will try to give you advice on the best restaurants & bars I went to, the tours and cultural sites you have to do and see and because I am passionate about people and always interested in knowing their backgrounds and aspirations I will also run interviews with those living in Rome that directly or indirectly played an outstanding role during my stay in the Eternal City.

I really do hope you’ll like this blog and that it will be useful in making your stay in Rome the most authentic as possible! I would also be happy to hear about your experience or get any feedback from you to make it evolve in the best way !

A presto!!


* By the way, I had no idea who  Pierre Bernard was but just loved his quote as it perfectly reflects what I am doing in Italy and my state of mind. Of course I checked who he was before posting it… So there you go, I am sharing with you a bit of culture: this guy was a French graphic artist and designer who won the Erasmus Prize in 2006. Now you can’t say that you don’t know him !! 🙂




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